Press Releases

Press Releases

BWW Lifts Boil Water Alert 05/14/2024

BWW Lifts Boil Water Alert - Spanish  05/14/2024

Alerta de hervir agua en efecto para clientes de Works en el noroeste del condado de Jefferson 05/12/2024

Update on Water Main Break, Boil Alert Remain in Effect 05/12/2024

Birmingham Water Works to Distribute Drinking Water to Impacted Areas 05/11/2024

Boil Water Alert in Effect for BWW Customers in Northwest Jefferson County 05/10/2024

Boil Water Alert in Effect for BWW Customers in Northwest Jefferson County (SPANISH) 05/10/2024

Large Main Break Impacts Birmingham Water Works Customers in Northwest Jefferson County 05/10/2024

A World Without Water 2024 05/08/2024

BWW Continues the Work of In-Depth Strategic Plan with Indications of Improvement 05/06/2024

BWW Committed to Meeting New EPA PFAS Regulations 04/10/2024

BWW continues partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency for Fix a Leak Week 03/18/2024

BWW Partners with Birmingham Promise 02/16/2024

BWWB Reaches Settlement on Water Source Protection 08/24/2023

Birmingham Water Works WaterBoy Initiative Promotes Hydration 08/01/2023

BWW's Young Water Ambassadors Program Shapes Next Generation of Water Stewards 06/29/2023

Birmingham Water Works Board Receives GFOA's Distinguished Budget Presentation Award 06/16/2023

Birmingham Water Works Board Announces Revised Agreement with Jefferson County Sewer 04/12/2023

Water Works Board Announces Self-Governance Policy and Director Pledge 04/12/2023

Statement from Birmingham Water Works Board Chairwoman Tereshia Huffman 03/22/2023

Birmingham Water Works Board Makes Addition to Public Relations Consulting 03/08/2023

Birmingham Water Works Temporarily Halts Water Shutoffs Due to Severe Weather 02/16/2023

Birmingham Water Works Inducted into Training Magazine's Hall of Fame 02/14/2023

Mashonda Taylor Appointed to the Birmingham Water Works Board 01/25/2023

Birmingham Water Works Board Approves Carson Loop, Warrior Projects 01/25/2023

Birmingham Water Works Will Undertake Major Repair Project on Highway 280 01/19/2023

Birmingham Water Works Aggressively Tackling Leaks from Cold Weather 01/11/2023

Director Tereshia Huffman Makes History as Youngest Chair at BWWB 01/11/2023

Birmingham Water Works Board Media Statement 01/10/2023

Birmingham Water Works to Resume Normal Operations 12/21/2022

Birmingham Water System Getting Much-Needed Capital Improvements in 2023 12/16/2022

Birmingham Water Works Board Approves Fiscal Year 2023 Budgets 11/30/2022

Birmingham Water Works to Credit Customers Impacted by Billing Issues 11/14/2022

Birmingham Water Works Sponsors "Classic in Pink" Luncheon to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness 10/27/2022

Birmingham Water Works Shares Update on Customer Billing, Releases Review 10/26/2022

Birmingham Water Works Joins Eighth Annual "Imagine A Day Without Water" 10/19/2022

Board Authorizes Competitive Bid to Earn Higher Rate of Return on Investment 10/17/2022

Birmingham Water Works Helps Fans Beat the Heat at the World Games 2022 7/07/2022

Birmingham Water Works Teams with Birmingham Barons to Launch Hydrate the City Initiative 5/19/2022

Birmingham Water Works Responds to Pending Litigation 4/13/2022

Birmingham Water Works Educates Customers on Household Leak Detection 3/14/2022

Birmingham Water Works to Host Career Fair on March 4-5 at Harbert Center 3/03/2022

Birmingham Water Works to Be Inducted into Training Hall of Fame 3/02/2022

Birmingham Water Works Utility Vehicle Hit by Gunfire 2/16/2022

Birmingham Water Works Debuts Willie's Water Box for 2022 School Program 2/01/2022

Birmingham Water Works Announces Partnership with The World Games 2022 1/26/2022

Birmingham Water Works Board Elects New Officers for 2022 1/13/2022

Birmingham Water Works Experiencing Delays with Meter Readings 1/05/2022

Birmingham Water Works Board Approves 2022 Budgets - Amended 11/17/2021

Birmingham Water Works Joins Seventh Annual "Imagine a Day Without Water" 10/19/2021

Birmingham Water Works Receives High Quality Bond Ratings 7/14/2021

Birmingham Water Works Loses Employee to Homicide While on the Job 4/9/2021

Birmingham Water Works Offers Virtual Water Curriculum For Fifth-Graders 2/22/2021

Birmingham Water Works Ranks Among Top 10 Training Programs in the Nation for Third Straight Year 2/10/2021

Birmingham Water Works Awarded Nearly $150 Million EPA Loan 1/12/2021

BWWB Approves FY 2021 Budgets with No Rate Increase 11/19/2020

BWW Payment Dropbox Theft 11/9/2020

Birmingham Water Works to Resume Collections on Delinquent Accounts  8/31/2020

Birmingham Water Works to Close Payment Center 7/7/2020

BWW Reopens Payment Center & Drive-thru  4/30/2020

Birmingham Water Works Closes Drive-thru Until Further Notice   3/25/2020

Birmingham Water Works Board Temporarily Closes Payment Center Lobby & Main Office  3/16/2020

Birmingham Water Works to Halt Service Disconnections due to Coronavirus  3/11/2020