Fire Service Connection and Hydrant Fees

Fire Service Annual Connection and Municipal/Public Hydrant Fees

Birmingham Water Works provides water and infrastructure to protect the communities we serve from fire. There is a cost to providing fire protection—BWWB must maintain a pumping, distribution, and storage system with the capacity to delivery enough water to buildings for their fire sprinkler systems. If BWWB only needed to provide water for non-fire use, storage tanks and pipe sizes could be much smaller.

Fire service fees are charged for buildings and facilities with fire sprinkler systems that have special water pipes connected to BWWB’s water distribution system. The fire service connection fee pays for this service and provides these buildings with an improved level of fire protection. Without fire protection insurance rates could be significantly higher.

The fire service connection fee is charged annually and is based on the size of the pipe feeding the building’s sprinkler system.

Similarly, Birmingham Water Works charges annually for each municipal and public fire hydrant located on public streets.

Download the full BWWB Ratebook.

Fire Service Connection Fee

Charged annually to buildings and facilities located on property other than public streets or roads. The fee is based on the size of the pipe connecting to BWWB’s supply main and is subject to Special Service Agreement provisions. Fees are charged regardless of the type of fire protection device.

Pipe Size (inches) Fee
Less than 4 $346.80
4 $422.76
6 $677.64
8 $1022.04
10 $2,548.44
12 $5,877.00
16 $8,683.68



Municipal and Public Fire Hydrant Fees
Charged annually for fire hydrants on public streets.

Per hydrant 

$231.72 (246.60 eff Oct 1, 2023)

Fire hydrant installation $3,269.00