Health, Dental and Vision Coverage

The Birmingham Water Works Board (BWWB) offers full-time employees a comprehensive health care package, which includes a medical, dental and vision plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS).  

Life and Short-Term Disability Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance and Short Term Disability Insurance are both provided at no cost to the employee.


Retirement Plan

The BWWB provides a defined benefit pension plan. Participation is mandatory, and employees con­tribute a percentage of their gross biweekly income. 
The retirement income you will receive from the plan will be determined by a formula based on your years of service and final average earnings. 
It is important to note that any Social Security Benefits to which you become entitled are in addition to your retirement income from the plan. 


Higher education assistance

The BWWB supports the continuous development of its employees through its Education and Assis­tance Program. The program allows eligible full-time employees to enroll in accredited degree programs or credit hour courses ac universities, colleges, community colleges, technical and trades schools and receive financial assistance for tuition, required fees and books. To receive reimbursement under this program, regular full-time employees must have successfully completed their 180-day introductory period when the course is submitted for pre-approval. 


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