Sewer Rates

Birmingham Water Works does not provide sewer services, however we do bill for sewer service for Jefferson County Environmental Services, City of Hoover Sewer Services, Southwest Water Utility Company, City of Moody Governmental Utility Services Corporation, and Phoenix Water Resources LLC. Download the full BWWB Ratebook, including sewer rates for Jefferson County, Hoover, Southwest Water Company and Phoenix Water. 

Although it is more efficient and cost effective for Birmingham Water Works to bill for and collect payment for these sewer service providers, it can be confusing for customers to know who to call if they have a problem.

For questions regarding the sewer service portion of your bill, or for any sewer service problem, please call your sewer service provider:

Jefferson County Environmental Services
(205) 325-5390

City of Hoover Sewer Services
(205) 444-7529

Southwest Water Utility Company
(205) 987-8352

City of Moody Governmental Utility Services Corporation
(205) 640-5121

Phoenix Water Resources LLC
(334) 875-7007