Hooper City Neighborhood Association meeting


BWW continues its dedication to community engagement and partnership throughout its service areas. As part of its ongoing commitment to fostering strong ties with local neighborhoods and organizations, BWW’s public information officers (PIO) actively participate in various community meetings, including neighborhood association meetings such as Hooper City.

On Thursday, April 11, BWW representatives Brad Steffens and Michael Tartt were present at the Hooper City Neighborhood Association meeting, held at the Hooper Recreation Center. President Anthony Douglas was in attendance to discuss pertinent issues and community initiatives.

During these meetings, we shared valuable information about BWW programs, including Waterboy, Wiser Water, and Hydrate The City. We also highlighted job openings and upcoming career fairs, emphasizing career growth opportunities available at BWW. Attendees also gained insights into leak detection and prevention strategies and have their questions regarding rates addressed.

Our residents are always excited to receive customer toolkits, toilet flappers, and pamphlet guides to help with everyday cost savings. BWW is committed to proactively engaging with neighborhood associations and community organizations on a monthly basis.

BWW invites residents to invite them to local neighborhood meetings by reaching out to [email protected] and to explore the community educational program available on the BWW website. These efforts align with BWW’s new initiative “BWW Builds Community!” By actively participating in neighborhood associations and providing valuable resources, BWW aims to build stronger communities and promote responsible water usage across Birmingham.