Waterworks WaterBoy and High school Athletes Stay Hydrated During Record Temps!


WaterWorks WaterBoy with the Centerpoint Eagles, Parker’s Thundering Herd, Spain Park’s Jaguars, and the American Cheerleading Center!

In August, we were excited to discuss the importance of superior hydration with student football players and cheerleaders. Fostering excellent nutritional habits amongst our young athletes is of paramount importance, and we all know that physical activity during the hot summer months can easily lead to dehydration and loss of performance. Jessica Fadlevich, Michael Tartt, and Joi Dulaney mentored our community’s football players and cheerleaders on the easiest ways to remain physically and mentally competitive on the field.

Another important benefit to mentoring high school athletes is their ability to coach young students, instituting lifelong habits to take with them off the field. We’re glad to make these investments at BWW, and will continue visiting schools in our service area. Check back for more!