BWW was proud to host the Central Alabama Fire Chiefs Association

On Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2023, Birmingham Water Works proudly hosted the Central Alabama Fire Chiefs Association (CAFCA) at its historic Cahaba Pumping Station. CAFCA provides leadership for firefighters at the state, local and federal levels.

Birmingham Water Works deepens community relationships with civic leaders and stakeholders, including elected officials, nonprofits and advocacy groups to help address some of the community’s most pressing needs.

In turn, Birmingham Water Works partners with local fire departments to provide critical water infrastructure that keeps us safe during times of emergency.

“Firefighters, EMTs, public servants, you’re all here for us during life’s most difficult moments — during some of our hardest times,” said Public Information Officer Brad Steffens. “You always have our backs. And today, we’d like to remind you that we always have yours.”

Systems Development Manager, Doug Stockham, provided critical updates about recent changes to our distribution systems and the continuous improvement in efficiency we always strive for.