Birmingham Water Works WaterBoy Initiative Kick-off


Birmingham Water Works (BWW) WaterWorks WaterBoy initiative is back! This annual program encourages individuals engaged in various physical activities, be it sports or fitness, to prioritize staying hydrated with water. High school students participating in sports teams, marching bands, and spirit squads will engage with Birmingham Water Works across five county service areas.

The initiative officially kicks off Tuesday, August 1, 2023 at the stadium of Center Point High School at 3:30pm with their football team.

“Our WaterBoy initiative recognizes the significance of hydration in supporting optimal performance and creating awareness about its positive impact on overall well-being,” says BWW Public Relations Manager Rick Jackson. “This effort provides a valuable opportunity to directly engage with young athletes and impart knowledge.”

As the initiative continues to evolve, WaterWorks WaterBoy remains committed to its mission of promoting hydration awareness and encouraging active individuals to prioritize their well-being. For the next several weeks, BWW staff will continue visiting athletic teams throughout the service area to instill the habit of proper hydration; the initiative aims to empower athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to reach their full potential, both on and off the field. Watch our kick-off event here!

For more information about the Water Works WaterBoy initiative, please visit