Giving the Gift of Water to Jackson


Last month, the City of Jackson, Mississippi found itself in the midst of a water crisis. Flooding and infrastructure failures compromised the drinking water supply for the city, where a boil water notice was in effect for more than a month. 

Recognizing the dire situation, Birmingham Water Works volunteered to help, acquiring 27 pallets of bottled water for delivery to the citizens of Jackson. 

Michael Johnson, General Manager of Birmingham Water Works, looked to Johnnie Mayfield, Manager, Industrial and Commercial Accounts, to come up with a plan. Mayfield and the Birmingham Water Works PR Team collaborated with Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, who was instrumental in sourcing the bottled water at cost and facilitating pick-up at their distribution warehouse. 

A local trucking company then picked up the water and took it directly to the Christian Service Mission distribution center in Jackson, where it was immediately available for those who needed it.

“We strive to provide a quality product to our customers, but we also care about the basic needs of people in our community. Being good stewards of water means helping those who are without it,” said Mayfield.