Empowering Young Minds: Inspiring Creativity and Discovery in the ‘Imagine A World Without Water’ Program


And that concludes our journey! We’ve wrapped up our renowned “Imagine A World Without Water” presentations after visiting 9 schools brimming with bright, enthusiastic future young scientists. Now, it’s time for these eager kids to unleash their creativity as they craft essays, videos, or posters, showcasing their understanding of water’s crucial role in our lives, all for our AWWA contest. What would a day without water mean for the world?

In March, PR Specialist Jessica Fadlevich, Communications Coordinator Joi Dulaney, and Engineer Jaquice Boyd, PhD., conducted captivating experiments with students at Phillips and Oxmoor Valley Elementary schools. These hands-on experiences provided the students with incredible visual learning opportunities, fostering early memories of the wonders achievable through science and research. Needless to say, the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Having diligently studied and worked hard in class, the students are now poised to compete for prizes and a day of exploration at the McWane Science Museum. Regardless of who emerges victorious, the most valuable takeaway extends beyond the confines of the classroom; these kids have learned the art of creative thinking, time management, and pursuing goals.

Come May, prizes will be awarded at the McWane Center. Some lucky students will walk away with electric scooters, others with Nintendo Switches, or passes for go-kart rides. But ultimately, in this endeavor, everyone emerges a winner.