BWW Public Hearing


As part of our continued commitment to transparency and excellent stewardship of our resources, on Monday, November 6th, BWW held a public hearing to discuss the budget for fiscal year 2024. We discussed our operating, maintenance, and capital budgets. Local city officials, residents, and members of the media were in attendance to hear about exciting upcoming changes at our municipality. Investing in critical water infrastructure is of paramount importance, and we were glad to discuss our progress from 2023.

As aptly said by Public Relations manager Rick Jackson, “We understand that the price of essentially everything is going up, and we’re sensitive to the fact that even a minimal rate increase goes a long way for some. Our goal is to educate our customers that rate increases pay for more than just water; it covers several things that include chemical costs, water quality testing, and even main replacements. As we move forward, please know that we’re using these funds to put back into our neighborhoods with better pipes and better service.” BWW remains a visionary leader in distributing clean, affordable drinking water to over 770,000 people. Our proposed 2024 budget is available for viewing on