“Talk of Alabama” and Friday Night Lights!


On Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023, Public Relations Manager, Rick Jackson went live on ABC 33/40’s “Talk of Alabama” to discuss WaterWorks WaterBoy Initiative, an annual program that encourages individuals engaged in various physical activities, be it sports or fitness, to prioritize staying hydrated with water. High school students participating in sports teams, marching bands, and spirit squads will engage with Birmingham Water Works across five county service areas.

Public Information Officer, Michael Tartt (pictured above) also stopped by the station for a segment to be aired on “Friday Night Rivals,” before visiting the East Central Patriots to get them pumped up about sports hydration.

Ensuring our student-athletes stay hydrated on and off the field is of paramount importance. We’re so glad to educate our future leaders and aspiring professional athletes on the values of hydration and nutrition, and these lessons will be passed on to younger students who come after them. During the hot summer months, it’s easy to get dehydrated.

Whether you’re running, doing drills on the field, or just cutting the grass, keeping an excellent fluid and electrolyte balance aids in physical and mental performance to help you stay sharp on the court and in the classroom. We’re excited to invest in our communities and student-athletes.”