Good Samaritan Helps Customers in Need


With many families in the Birmingham area facing economic hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, an anonymous customer has stepped up and offered to cover the accounts of fellow customers in need.
According to Shirley Russell, Customer Service Manager, the customer called the Birmingham Water Works asking to pay some accounts, noting they had $5,000 to donate.
Russell reached out to Geraldine Davis, Customer Support Services Manager, to generate a report of accounts that were immediately pending disconnection. From the report, 16 accounts were chosen at random to receive a portion of the monetary gift towards their bills.
Once the payments were made, the customer asked Russell to contact each customer so they could rest easy knowing their debts were paid.
“I was able to speak with five customers and the others I left a message,” said Russell. “The response from the customers was amazing! Tearfully, they were grateful and could not believe it. I’m so grateful I was chosen to deliver good news and help the anonymous giver.”