One of the primary ways water influences our way of life is the significant impact it has on the economy. Without water, many production and manufacturing jobs would be eliminated.
The BWWB is a major advocate of economic development and supports the economy in a number of ways. It has the distinct ability to deliver raw or untreated water to commercial customers at a lower rate, which provides a cost savings to customers.
The utility maintains nearly 4,000 miles of water transmission lines and extends additional mains to enable the construction of houses, condominiums, shopping centers and other developments. New construction means new customers for the BWWB. It also means jobs for local companies, banks and other businesses.
In a market of dwindling resources, the BWWB’s water rates remain among the cheapest of all essential commodities. A September 2008 price comparison shows that for three gallons of regular unleaded gasoline or three gallons of milk, the cost is approximately $10.50. Three gallons of BWWB water costs less than a penny ($.01) making it an affordable necessity.