A thriving quality of life demands the presence of water. The average American single-family uses about 101 gallons of water for drinking, bathing, cooking and watering their lawns each day. This helps promote a strong quality of life in our community.

A healthy and sustainable quality of life on any level usually requires water, whether it is a sporting event, gardening or any general use. Tap water is central to our everyday lives. Every living organism thrives on the existence of water.

The American Water Works Association says that any measure of a successful society, from the health of its economy to its public safety, is in some way related to the ability to access safe water.

Tap water is such a fundamental part of our lives that we can hardly imagine a day without it. Without tap water, how would we rinse our produce, clean dishes and clothes, water plants and landscapes and wash our cars? How would we shower? How many businesses would have to suspend operations or relocate entirely? How would our institutions - from hospitals to firehouses to schools – function?

The answer is obvious. Without water, society as a whole would be non-existent and that’s immeasurable value to every customer and every citizen.