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The responsibilities for the Birmingham Water Works System Development Department are:


Extension of Water Mains

  • Review ability to serve
  • Develop cost estimate
  • Prepare contractual agreement
  • Manage construction phase
  • Prepare closeout documentation
  • Request mapping system update

Replacement of Existing Water Mains

  • Review issues and concerns (internal & external)
  • Develop construction drawings and specifications for Bid purposes
  • Obtain Water Works Board of Directors approval to perform work
  • Prepare competitive Bidding Documents
  • Manage bid phase and construction phase
  • Prepare closeout documentation
  • Request mapping system update

Relocation of Existing Water Mains and Fire Hydrants

Backflow Prevention (New and Existing Water Service Connections)

  • Establish requirements for “new” water service connections
  • Mandate requirements for “existing” water service connections under facility renovations
  • Maintain records and reports on backflow prevention devices in the Distribution System (residential and commercial)

Issuing New Water Service Connections (Residential and Commercial)


Preparation of Commitment to Serve / Water Availability Letters


Installation of fire hydrants

The Birmingham area continues to grow. As Alabama’s largest water provider, the Birmingham Water Works Board has estimated that it will have to spend approximately $202.7 million on growth-related capital projects in the next ten years.
The Birmingham Water Works established a system development fee to help meet the needs of our growing area and provide water for new buildings and new developments.

System Development Fees.

2019 Connection Fees for 1” & 2”

  • 1” Tap: $1,768.00 ($768.00 tap fee + $1,000.00 sys. dev. fee)
  • 2” Tap: $9,136.00 ($3,246.00 tap fee + $5,890.00 sys. dev. fee)

2019 Connection Fees for 4” & Larger

  • 4” & larger taps are at “actual cost” plus a system development fee based upon water usage
  • 4" & larger fire service connections do not have a system development fee
5/8 $1,000
3/4 $1,000
1 $1,000 (+ $768.00 tap fee)
2 $5,890 (+ $3,246.00 tap fee)
4 $16,450
6 $32,890
8 $52,630
10 $75,660

• Contact the System Development Department at (205) 244-4000 for further information.