Sewer rates are set and determined by your sewer provider, Jefferson County Office of Sewer Services, Hoover Sewer Services, Southwest Water Company or Alabama Utility Services, LLC. The Birmingham Water Works does not provide sewer services and serves only as a collecting agent for these systems.  

The BWWB Full Rate Disclosure   includes rates for Jefferson County, Hoover, Southwest Water Company and Phoenix Water Sewer Authorities.

For questions regarding the sewer portion of the bill or sewer rates, please call the appropriate sewer provider:

Jefferson County

  • Office of Sewer Services
    (205) 325-5138 or (205) 325-5390

City of Hoover

  • Hoover Sewer Services
    (205) 444-7523
  • Southwest Water Company – Riverview Sewer System
    (205) 987-8352
  • Alabama Utility Services, LLC – Moody Sewer System
    (205) 640-3829