The Help to Others (H2O) Foundation (or its assigns) is a foundation established to assist the needy with water and wastewater needs. Primarily the foundation  exists to assists those who need help paying their water and wastewater bill, and/or those that need financial assistance with costs of plumbing repairs.


Eligibility Guidelines


Applicants and members of the household who are employed with or related to an employee (to include the H2O Foundation and members of the Board of Directors of the H2O Foundation) of the water utility or sewer provider for which they are seeking assistance are ineligible to receive financial assistance under this program.


Applicants are only eligible to receive assistance once in any twelve (12) month period.


To qualify for financial assistance, a household must meet both the financial and situational eligibility guidelines outlined below:


1.  Financial Eligibility Guidelines:


The total monthly household income must be within the following income limits:


Household Size                        Per Year                      Per Month                       Per Week

1                                     $14,937                       $1,245                              $288

2                                     $20,163                       $1,681                              $388

3                                     $25,389                       $2,116                              $489

4                                     $30,615                       $2,552                              $589

5                                     $35,841                       $2,987                              $690

6                                     $41,067                       $3,423                              $790

7                                     $46,293                       $3,858                              $891

8                                     $51,519                       $4,294                              $991


                         Add for each additional member:          $5,226                       $436                                 $101



2.  Situational Eligibility Guidelines:


  1. The household must meet at least one of the following:
    1. Fifty-five (55) years of age or older
    2. Currently receiving social security disability income
    3. Have documented medical condition that will be seriously aggravated by a lack of water supply to the home. (Subject to verification)
  2. Have a current unpaid water and/or sewer bill or have an established need for plumbing repair as a result of a leak on personal property.          
  3. Have a current unpaid water and/or sewer bill or have an established need for plumbing repair as a result of a leak on personal property.   
  4. Have insufficient family or community resources to meet financial obligations to satisfy cost to continue water and/or sewer service or repair(s).         
  5. Have assurance from the Birmingham Water Works that payment will result in restoration/continuation of the water/wastewater supply to the home.     


The guidelines set forth to obtain financial assistance through the H2O Foundation fund is subject change. Failure to submit a complete application or provide requested documentation may cause a delay or denial of financial assistance.




  1. Continued, inappropriate use of water service may disqualify a household from eligibility. Illegal or unauthorized restoration of water services or continued financial irresponsibility  (i.e., returned checks for insufficient funds, persistently delinquent bills, etc.) may result denial of financial assistance.
  2. Should the water utility or sewer provider, at its option, choose not to continue or restore service because the household has a history of inappropriate use of water service or irresponsible financial obligations, then H2O Foundation cannot make a payment to continue or restore water services or repair(s).




The H2O Foundation consider the following charges ineligible for payment:


1.  Appliances, telephone bill, electric bill, gas bills, loans, or mortgage or rental fees.

2.  Any expenses related to the loss of water as a result of termination of service.

3.  Charges for new service (i.e., deposit, connection fee, etc.)

4.  Charges transferred from another account.

5.  Residential charges when home is also used as a business.




The H2O Foundation consider the following charges eligible for payment:


1.  Charges for water and/or sewer bill, to include taxes.

2.  Charges for plumbing repairs.

3.  *Deposits to restore service that has been discontinued and applicable reconnect fees.


*Deposits to restore service require Board approval and are subject to income verification and reserve funds available to customer. Payment for deposits will only be considered when the customer cannot pay

the deposit or the water utility or sewer provider will not waive the deposit and making a deposit places an undue hardship on the customer.


Funds from the H2O Foundation may not exceed $500.00. Any payments exceeding $500.00 is subject to Board approval. Under no circumstances shall payments exceed $600.00 with Board approval. Board approval should be noted on the application and granted only after all other resources to pay the additional amount have been explored and exhausted.




A household may only receive financial assistance through the H2O Foundation once per twelve (12) months. Only in extreme crisis or emergency situations, may additional payments be considered, but will require appropriate documentation and Board approval.




In order for plumbing companies or individual plumbers to be eligible to provide repair services for qualified applicants, they must be licensed master plumbers and at a minimum provide the following insurance information: be properly bonded; maintain a general liability insurance policy with coverage of one million per occurrence with a two million dollar aggregate; maintain an umbrella policy of one million dollars; provide copies of certificates of insurance; and, name the H2O Foundation on said policies as an additional insured.