General Information:

  • City / Area of Town:        City of Birmingham
  • Project Manager:             Douglass Stockham            244-4186
  • Pipeline Contractor:        BWWB
  • Project Cost (Est.):          $210,000.00
  • Project Duration:             90 Calendar Days
  • Start Date (Est.):               2/1/16
  • Completion Date (Est.): 4/30/16 (or earlier)
  • Other Contact:                  Janice Acoff 244-4265


Customer Correspondence


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Project Roadways:

 Mains & Services to be Replaced

  • 1st Place South between 18th Avenue South & 18th Court South
  • 18th Court South between 1st Street South & 1st Place South
  • 1st Street South and 20th Avenue South between 19th Avenue South & Hollins Drive

Mains to be Killed & Services to be Relocated

  • 1st Street South between 18th Court South & 19th Avenue South
  • 20th Avenue South between Hollins Drive & Center Way South


Vicinity Maps: