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The EnviroLab’s Mission Statement:

The EnviroLab commits to work together as a team, in a positive, supportive environment of unity and respect, to achieve our shared vision of assuring high-quality testing results, creating open communication, sharing and expanding our competence and operating the lab with mutual trust, clarity and insight.
Located on BWWB's main campus, the EnviroLab is the largest utility-owned, certified laboratory in Alabama.  The laboratory is equipped to perform microbiological, organic, and inorganic testing required by ADEM and the EPA.
Throughout the year, chemists and technicians analyze more than 100,000 water quality tests on samples collected from our water sources, filter pants and distribution system.  Daily, the EnviroLab collects drinking water samples throughout our service area ensuring the water quality is continuously held to the safest and highest standards. It is the EnviroLab's goal to ensure the quality of water supplied to BWWB's customers exceeds all company and governmental regulations.