The homeowner's responsibility for a water leak depends on where the leak occurs. Watch this video for an explanation of BWWB vs. homeowner responsibility.




When reporting a leak, it is important to let us know the severity of the leak you see.  BWWB categorizes Leaks in 3 levels. 


What is a LEVEL 1 LEAK?

  • Threatens health or public safety
  • Risks major property damage
  • Affects a large number of customers
  • Completely interrupts water service



What is a LEVEL 2 LEAK?

  • Some water flow, large standing pools of water, meter leaks
  • Poses no health or safety issues
  • May pose a threat of property damage
  • May affect a number of customers



What is a LEVEL 3 LEAK?

  • Minor leaks that result in damp spots on the ground or asphalt or produce slow flows of water
  • Post no health or safety issues
  • Post no threat of property damage
  • Affects a limited number of customers